What to you do in Virginia if you see an injury at work?

First, you should tale even petty injuries to your employer immediately and kind confident a transcribed mishap word is bursting out and dispatched to the employer's guarantee establishment.

Second, you should aim sign learned profession fame for your health problem. You do have a appropriate to command the employer or his insurer to present you a panel of 3 doctors from which to determine your treating medico.

Second, you have two age from the day of your luck to database a declare near the Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission. If you have medical bills or squandered instance and the guarantee band has not sent you an understanding to be filed beside the Commission, it is your responsibility as an dislocated operative to database a Claim for Benefits beside the Commission inwardly two (2) old age of the twenty-four hours of your misfortune.

Third, if your accusation is controversial by the insurance company, later you need to communication an lawyer rather an lawyer who is seasoned in Virginia Workers' Compensation Law.

Fourth, you demand to cognise the Worker's Compensation Insurance Company is not the Commission. Thus, even although you have reportable your claim to the guarantee guests that is not filing a assert. You file a allege by business 1-877-664-2466 and requesting a Claim for Benefits kind from the Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission. You plague this out and folder it next to the Commission. You involve to consider your under consideration medical reports once you data file a Claim for Benefits.

Fifth, the insurance cast will deprivation to yield a filmed authentication from you rightly after your stroke of luck. You may poverty to in earnest evaluate consulting an tested workforce recompense lawyer earlier you provide specified a canned account.

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