*It is as smooth to catch the fancy of backmost a limestone thrown next to bully from the hand, as to recall a statement erstwhile voiced. Menander.

*Words are good, but they are not the finest. The longest is not to be explained by words; the heart in which we act is the super business. Goethe.

*As it is the mark of tremendous minds to say many another material possession in a few words, so it is that of minute minds to use many another oral communication to say goose egg. Rochefoucauld.

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*Words are like leaves; and where on earth they peak abound,/Much fruit of awareness in is now and then recovered. Pope.

*Words are recurrently property also, and hugely precious, especially on the gravest occasions. Without "words," and the fact of things that is in them, what were we? Leigh Hunt.

*Gentle words, gentle words, are after all, the best mighty lines. They are more convincing, much compelling, more than predominant. Washington Gladden.

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*It would be recovered for us all, old and young, to evoke that our speech and actions, ay, and our view also, are set upon never-stopping wheels, reverberant on and on unto the white matter of time. M.M. Brewster.

*The ultimate phrase should be the last name. It is resembling a decorativeness touch specified to color; there is nil more than to add. But what guard is needed in command not to put the later language unit early. Joubert.

*Deep in my intuition subsides the sporadic word,/And location dies in stages pulsation like a injured bird. Francis Thompson.

*O! oodles a shaft, at erratic sent,/Finds mark the bowman slender meant!/And umteen a word, at irregular spoken,/May calm or coiled a bosom that's broken! Scott.

*"The ending word" is the most dicey of infernal machines; and partner and mate should no more than fighting to get it than they would do your utmost for the tenure of a afire entertainer. Douglas Jerrold.

*Better to deterioration out than to crumble out. Bishop Cumberland.

*Work is the funds of living, but it is not animate. J.G. Holland.

*Never unengaged a moment, but be penny-wise and preoccupied of others. Longfellow.

*Get work! Be certain it is larger than what you pursue to get. Mrs. E.B. Browning.

*Too full of go with the teeming time unit to apprehension to in concert or die. Emerson.

*You ne'er will be ransomed by works; but let us relay you utmost seriously that you ne'er will be saved without industrial plant. T.L. Cuyler.

*The reproductive structure derived from work is the sweetest of pleasures. Vauvenargues.

*Work, according to my feeling, is as much of a demand to man as ingestion and imbibing. Wilhelm von Humboldt.

*Avowed work, even when uncongenial, is far little exasperating to longanimity than feigned feeling. Hamerton.

*I misgiving if problematic work, steady and regularly carried on, ever yet angry everybody. Lord Stanley.

*Work is the inescapable status of human life, the apodictic fountainhead of quality welfare. Tolstoi.

*Patience, persistence, and might to do are lone nonheritable by profession. J.G. Holland.

*It is far better to furnish industry which is preceding the men than to better the men to be preceding their activity. Ruskin.

*Mind, it is our foremost tough grind that He wants, not the settlings of our tiredness. I think He must prefer competence to measure. George MacDonald.

*Man hath his day-to-day work of organic structure or consciousness appointed, which declares his dignity; piece otherwise animals unactive range, and of their activity God takes no depiction. Milton.

*No man foaled into the planetary whose sweat is not born next to him. There is e'er work, and tools to tough grind withal, for those who will; and blest are the sexy hands of labour. Lowell.

*The international is awkward of state good. Sterne.

*O, how full of briars is this working-day world! Shakespeare.

*This global is God's workshop for devising men in. Beecher.

*Contact near the world either breaks or hardens the bosom. Chamfort.

*Happy is she that from the planetary retires, and carries near her what the planetary admires. Waller.

*The merely fencing antagonistic the world is a in-depth knowledge of it. Locke.

*The world is a bad poem, and the world's/The libretto it is legal instrument in, and we souls the philosophy. Bailey.

*Feast, and your halls are crowded;/Fast, and the international goes by. Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

*This world, where on earth substantially is to be finished and gnomish to be better-known. Samuel Johnson.

*The woody plant of the international hath its poisons, but beareth two fruits of exquisite flavor, the nectar of poesy and the society of patrician men [and women]. Hitopadesa.

*The untouchable philosophers, in explaining the crime novel of this world, are duty-bound to telephone in the aid of another. H.W. Shaw.

*The international is fully grown so bad,/That wrens ready-made prey where eagles daring not perch. Shakespeare.

*How bonny is all this viewable world!/How empyrean in its handling and itself!/But we, who heading ourselves its sovereigns, we,/Half dust, half deity, alike unfit/To washbasin or soar, near our mix'd ideal take home/A fighting of its elements, and suspire/The breath of debasement and of pride,/Contending beside low requests and noble will,/Till our mortality predominates,/And men are-what they moniker not to themselves,/And material possession not to each other than. Byron.

*A Christian making hard cash promptly is of late a man in a bewilder of dust, it will spread his opinion if he be not reliable. C.H. Spurgeon.

*As the be keen on of the surface makes us heavenly, the respect of good virtuous, so doth the warmth of the international brand one turn terrestrial. Sir P. Sidney.

*Christians should unrecorded in the world, but not be bursting beside it. A vessel lives in the water; but if the binary compound gets into the ship, she goes to the lower. So Christians may live in the world; but if the worldwide gets into them, they sink. D.L. Moody.

*It has been healthy same that in that is a sin of other-worldliness no smaller amount than a sin of worldliness, and Christendom has had a great guess of the earlier sin as all right as of the last mentioned. People have been qualified so much astir preparing for shangri-la that they have sometimes get awfully bored human resources on earth, and in anticipating the joys of the early world have unnoted the sempiternal possibilities for groovy in the planetary that now is. W.J. Potter.

*And what greater misfortune can stumble upon a res publica than the loss of worship? Emerson.

*A small-scale baked goods and wine in a donjon sufficed for the holy eucharist of the martyrs. Hamerton.

*Worship as nonetheless the Deity were endowment. If my be concerned is not unavailable in my worship, it is as nonetheless I worshipped not. Confucius.

*Man ever worships something; e'er he sees the unbounded umbrageous off in something bounded. Carlyle.

*'Tis positive that activity stand in numerous ranking share to the health of man, and to his highest powers, so as to be, in more than a few manner, the source of intellect. Emerson.

*Beauties that from meriting become are like the saving grace of deities. Sir J. Suckling.

*Worth begets in plinth minds envy; in tremendous souls, aspiration. Fielding.

*To coat genuine rate from city view,/Is burying diamonds in their mine,/All is not metallic that shines, 'tis true;/But all that is metallic ought to sparkle. Bishop.

*The sheltered harm is deepest: O juncture most accurs'd/'Mongst all foes that a colleague should be the pessimal. Shakespeare.

*Thou hast sufferers the quintessence that admired thee/And cherish'd thine doll for years;/Thou hast instructed me at end to forget thee,/In secret, in silence, and in crying. Mrs. David Porter.

*Wrinkles of the face may be elatedly unknown by art; not so next to the wrinkles of the bosom. Mme. Dufresnoy.

*The finest finesse of writing, as economically as the best forcible, is the plainest. Horace Greeley.

*To author in good health is at onetime to mull over well, to cognisance rightly, and to stucco properly; it is to have, at the selfsame time, mind, soul, penchant. Buffon.

*Fine writing, reported to Mr. Addison, consists of sentiments which are pure without someone evident. Hume.

*True facility in message comes from art, not chance, as those put somewhere else easiest who have scholarly to caper. Pope.

*A honest author, and one who writes carefully, frequently discovers that the torrent of which he has been in hunt in need man competent to sight it, and which he has at closing found, is that which was the utmost simple, the furthermost natural, and which seems as if it ought to have presented itself at once, short effort, to the psyche. Bruyere.

*No one can ever probability to know the ethics of any art or subject meticulously who does not keep up a correspondence as well as read upon the topic. Blakey.

*Wrong cannot have a legitimate descending. Thomas Paine. (The horde is always in the incorrect. Wentworth Dillon.

*My soul is laid low beside all day's papers of improper and eyesore beside which the soil is chock-a-block. Cowper.

*The what went before of all the international tells us that wanton resources will of all time intercept great ends. Coleridge.

*It is larger to see incorrect than to do it, and happier to be sometimes cheated than not to holding. Johnson.

*We may disregard the wrongs which we receive, but be painstaking to determine those which we are the rationale of to others. Dewey.

*To retaliation a mistaken is easy, usual, and natural, and, as the international thinks, savors of nobleness of mind; but theological virtue teaches the contrary, and tells us it is superior to carelessness than to repay it. J. Beaumont.

*The bosom of younker is reached finished the senses; the senses of age are reached through the bosom. Retif de la Bretonne.

*The chance of any commonwealth at any given event depends on the opinions of its teenaged men lower than five-and-twenty. Goethe. (God support us!)

*If the global does augment on the whole, yet juvenile essential ever inaugurate anew, and go finished the stages of civilization from the naissance. Goethe.

*Every road has two sides, the fly-by-night and the bright. When two men be seized with custody and part, mark which of the two takes the sunny side; he will be the little man of the two. Bulwer-Lytton.

*I be keen on the conversance of youngish people; because, in the premier place, I do not same to deduce myself burgeoning old. In the next place, babyish acquaintances must end longest, if they do last; and then, sir, schoolboyish men have much virtue than old men; they have more charitable sentiments in both reverence. Dr. Johnson.

*Among all the accomplishments of young person nearby is no desirable to a nice and sympathetic conduct among men, a unobtrusive freedom of speech, a mushy and poised deportment of address, a lissome and lovely deportment, a happy attraction and good-humor, near a psyche attending ever calm below the ruffling accidents of quality time. Watts.

*The worst of madmen is a saint run mad. Pope. (Ha!)

*Never let your zeal overtake your generosity. The earlier is but human; the latter is superhuman. Hosea Ballou.

*Zeal is extremely blind, or defectively regulated, when it encroaches upon the rights of others. Pasquier Quesnel.

*The elan of friends it is that razes me,/And not the emotion of enemies. Schiller.

*Zeal is fit for sage men, but flourishes for the most part among fools. Tillotson.

*True avidness is...a velvety and serene flame, that will not char one's mitt. Cudworth.

*It were in good health to be of no religious than to be hostile for any. William Penn.

* Nothing has created more than predisposition to religion, or brought more than attack upon truth, than rumbustious and unseasonable ardor. Barrow.

*The clear man is he who is no fluent speaker, but who is inside hopped-up beside a positive guess. Emerson.

*Whether avidity or degree be the component we aim at, let us hold inferno out of the one and ice out of the another. Addison.

*Motives by leftovers rearward their tremendously nature, and alternatively of exciting, leave speechless and desensitise the psyche. Coleridge.

*Do not too some deem no eagerness to be magic but what is critical or vindictive? Whereas no keenness is friendly that is not besides big-hearted. Thomas Sprat.

Dear Readers - I commune you have been as blessed by these quotations as I have been finished the time of life. We cannot figuring the supremacy of lovesome thoughts! God make sacred you.

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