Greedy and furthermost needy

This is the sad and confident reality

Of existence actuated monetarily

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Focusing on exchange entirely

Disregarding the short whist of humanity

The poor, struggling, and needy

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Trying to get yours speedily

Running overflowing persuade ended everybody

In track to your ad hominem destiny

It's case to bring in a new discovery

Life is sweeter and more than fulfilling

When you count others in your journey

Greedily getting and barely accumulating

Is ne'er an adequate amount of and e'er aggravating

As you wish to self-actualize and realize

Your satiated power, purpose, and potential

But ne'er fully out of bed to person hopeful

Have anticipation for yourself and others

Never decrease sisters and brothers

We're all offspring in God's loveable family

Therefore why should you hate me

As you movement down the thoroughfare of prosperity

Pushing, ploughing, and shoving through

Disgruntled and egoistical in all you do

Mesmerized whole by what you do,

But reverberatingly unfixed roughly speaking your who

Your identity's value vast in you

Personhood should be prioritized

Others should not be demonized

For when you can't bear others

You be to dislike yourself

If you can't adulation you

How can you care anyone else?

Life is not all roughly speaking you!

Moreover natural event requires empire too

As you grasp others in what you do

Develop a image social unit to assist you

Strengthen and lower than fortify you

Celebrate your victories beside you

Solve complications for joy near you

You see even when it's all in the region of you

Amusingly it's truly and truly never so

Because you requirement others to facilitate you grow

This is a vital correctness you essential larn and know

Lest your existence be simply a vain, ridiculous show

Pathetic and grandiose lacking financial flow

Full of interminable tussle because of selfishness

Living unsocial and for self alone is never bliss

I pray you agnise and sleepless to this

The glutinous are in reality and usually

Most impoverished, destitute, and needy

As they scurry through with energy accumulating substance hurriedly

They never give the impression of being to relish it and others fully

This is the veracious sarcasm of existence heartbreakingly voracious.

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