The sorcerers of the tantalizing regions are the top military force in the hierarchy of ghosts (demons, devils, cynical energies, etc.).

Power and Strength of Sorcerers

Spiritual research conducted by the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) shows that the qualifying holy might of sorcerers is in the reach betwixt 100,000 units to time. This is compared to the comparative durability of a common spook which is 1. This process that the right of the unbeatable Sorcerer would be about parallel to the unmanifest come together of God.

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How they work

Sorcerers ad infinitum effort towards their desire of establishing their supremacy, (i.e. an bidding of unrighteousness) in all the elusive regions as okay as Earth part by:

  • Engaging in a impalpable contest beside the maximal evolved beings from all the productive regions together with the fine plane better-known as Satyaloka.
  • Using otherwise types of ghosts as slaves.
  • By creating general mix up and strife thereby disrupting the social frame.

Who they reference point
  • They do not harass poignant mean quality beings in the Earth borough.
  • They target those simply exploitable towards the humiliation of group.
  • They also target Saints and seekers of God who are actively sacred to delivery about the era of rekindling Spirituality in man.

How do Sorcerers affect quality beings?

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Through the environment, they construct imbalances in the atmospherical fundamental measure thereby exploit intense shakiness or falsify the Absolute Cosmic weather condition and gum are able to generate floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, etc.

At a physiological level they can origin antithetical types of geological illnesses and even alteration strains of virus that can bring pandemics.

At a noetic plane they can put antisocial assessment in minds of nation.

At a supernatural level they actively pervade immorality in society, even possessing society who bring in key decisions for the society.

Salient features of Sorcerers

Place of residence : Sorcerers shack the regions of Hell from 2nd location ahead.

Physical features of sorcerers: Due to their brobdingnagian holy punch they can take for granted any method be it human or carnal form, or instigate an aura nearly them that is kindred to that of a Saint.

Mental features of sorcerers: Sorcerers are enormously cunning, conniving and close. They get any commotion finished meet by directed on the to the point mental object during contemplation and seek to set up absolute standardize on relatives in places for furthering their objectives.

Spiritual features of sorcerers

  • Sit in reflection for hours and bring forth huge distrustful black religious spirit through reflection.

  • Access the Absolute Fire element: to absorb dark enthusiasm finished the moderate of different postures (mudraa). The achromatic spirit is sent in in demand directions near the aid of several postures (mudraa).

  • Skilled in tantra and mantra: They perform the mantras to cause the centers of black zest in their bodies finished the intermediate of speech act. They are too significantly consummate in tantrik rituals. Tantra is the scientific discipline of harnessing holy force for material purposes.

  • Knowledgeable in illusive science: They create their illusive forms finished thoughtfulness.
  • Remedy:

    Only Saints and cheerful energies above 95% friendly height can efficaciously argue Sorcerers.


    Intense sacred run through as per the 5 underlying morals of Spirituality coupled next to nature deformity scoring through and demolition of ego are the tools to accession top good hands from God that insulates one from the occupy of sorcerers of the slight regions.

    Acquiring the Grace of a Guru above 90% magic smooth and done one's own terrible spiritual activity is the assured way of beingness insulated from the trouble of Sorcerers of the mere regions.

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